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At the Core of Health and Fitness is Learning to


Next Online Class Series
Connections Between Stress, Emotions, and Hip Mobility
Starting January 7th through January 28th
Friday's from 12:30-2 pm


Moving into balance is pivotal to healing and being whole.
We teach tools to slow down and tune into your nervous system.

We've helped hundreds of people out of their stress survival response and into balanced nervous system health.
We've spent decades studying and applying how to recover from injuries and improve quality of life. We're passionate about the extraordinary and complex ways we are adaptive and resilient creatures from the core of our being.

Our purpose is to share our knowledge, expertise and experience about body-mind (somatic) health.
Our mission is to support people's capacity for connection and choice.

We explore the connections between
stress, emotions, and mobility.

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Our nervous system is connected to every part of our body. 

Balancing our nervous system is about the capacity for connection and choice! Building these capacities takes learning and practice. Our classes are a place to gain understanding about your nervous system and practical tools for developing more resources.


Our classes focus on.....

3 Ways to Balance & Nourish

Your Nervous System

#1 Relaxation

Being able to slow down and tune in to how you feel, both physically and emotionally, are central to responding to stress. We explore the connections between our nervous system, breath, emotions, and thoughts.

Relaxation tools that support slowing down and tuning in include:

  • Diaphragmatic breathing

  • Body-centered meditations

  • Visualizations

#2 Movement

Moving your body strengthens your nervous system. We explore the connections between our brain, physical activity, posture and mental health. In our classes you'll learn some basic anatomy of your body, and practice movement patterns that are aimed to balance your nervous system.


The mobility lessons train your body and brain to unwind and reboot.


Our mobility lessons include:

  • Functional anatomy for movement

  • Core patterning

  • Brain gym exercises 

  • Polyvagal theory awareness

#3 Social Engagement

Nourishing our nervous system includes the capacity for social support. In a safe and supportive environment we learn how to calm and sooth ourselves, a term called self-regulation. Our classes aim to provide opportunities for connecting and sharing with others who are learning about self-care and regulation, too.

Each lab offers basic anatomy, polyvagal theory, mindfulness practice, movement, and relational support. All of our lessons are trauma informed.

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Connections Revealed....

We’ve created live online laboratories for people who adhere to holistic principles; people who value the process of exploration for embodied transformation.

Next Online Class Series
January 7th - 28th
4 Fridays, 12:30 - 2 pm

Connections Between Stress, Emotions, and Hip Mobility

here's what you'll get when you participate  

  • 90 minute Live Virtual Classroom per week 
  • Class Video

  • Class Slides

  • Small Group Share & Support

  • Professional & Passionate Leadership

  • Balancing Nervous System Connections Curriculum


  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Mobility Lessons specific for Nervous System Balance
  • Polyvagal Theory & Awareness Tools
  • Key Developmental Movement Pattern Exercises for Posture, Mobility, and Whole Body Integration
  • I'M AWARE tm  Inner Movement Awareness Approach
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