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Body + Action + agency

Embodiment Research Lab with Sisters In Motion Studio will launch

The Movement Lab Project

Body + Action + Agency

starting in November 2020

The participatory workshops offer enriching and safe spaces for exploring how movement, emotions, identity, biology, the environment, and cultural context are wired together and change together.

Sound complex? Yes, the phenomenon of living in our body is totally complex!  That’s why we’ve created a somatic lab space to learn, feel and share data through these layers together. 

Our current project investigates the felt-sense connections between our physical body, active and passive movement, and sense of self-agency.


Body + Action + Agency is focused on how kinesthetic engagement impacts our experience of our sense of self, others, and the world.


The Movement Labs are for anyone who is interested in developing greater self-healing capacities through a somatic inquiry process.  

Movement Labs are for those wanting to:

  • Deepen felt-sense connection from within and out

  • Develop greater physical and psychological resources and capacities to relate to stress

  • Play and investigate in the field of leading-edge, body-based human discovery and practices

  • Share and express lived-experiences of somatic embodiment in service to helping others

Movement Labs are opportunities for:

  1. Learning functional anatomy through an experiential process

  2. Examining our nervous system responses and adaptations internally and externally

  3. Holding curiosity and inquiry how emotions, behaviors and identity are related to the nervous system

  4. Investigating movement patterns through felt-sense mindfulness

  5. Reflecting, noticing and sharing in our lived-experience of somatic embodiment

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