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Tight Hamstrings + Back Pain?
Need a long deep Breath?

Come learn and practice with master bodywork and somatic therapists, Christina and Shana, in an experiential and educational movement laboratory:


a place to deepen and research your personal lived experience in relationship to your body (biology) and mind (psychology). 

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Lab #3
Legs + Breath + Inspiration 
Virtual Workshop
Saturday, March 13th
11:30 - 2 pm PST

Gain these skills & embodied experiences in the workshop:

  • Intrinsic connections between our legs, spine, diaphragm, & breath - both anatomically and biologically

  • Increased energy and flow through movement patterning 

  • Stress relief with nervous system education & self regulation tools

  • Body-Centered Mindfulness through the 'I'm Aware', *Inner Movement Awareness Approach

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*Inner Movement Awareness Approach

is the term for Body + Action + Agency Lab’s bodymind feedback loop. It is designed to support shifting body consciousness from survival states to accessing choice and freedom in our day to day lives.

Lab workshops reveal knowledge through experiential anatomy and mindfulness  to increase access to your body's innate wisdom for transforming survival to choice. 


The labs are an experiential space where we explore both subtle (inner) sensations and greater (outer) movements related to our anatomy and sense of choice over our actions. This allows for learning and embodied integration of the material.


Labs are not traditional dance classes. They are designed for movement that pays attention to our lived-present moment experience. Slowing down, sensing, feeling and reflecting in real time is the primary intention of the work.


Making connections and relating to our inner and outer world makes the labs a different kind of "movement" space. 


You do not need any previous experience in movement or meditation to attend. Your curiosity is all that's needed. All abilities and genders are welcome.

Legs + Breath + Inspiration Lab #3 is part of

the Body + Action + Agency LAB Series

by Embodiment Research Lab - Innovative designs for research and discovery in the field of somatic arts & science.

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